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Aeronautical Sports

GlidingThe Choices (links in blue)
01789 731095
We're a Members' Club, which means that the club is run by the members for the members. This helps to keep Costs down, and it also means that there is a good social side to everything we do.

On flying days, we all need to help each other to get into the air, and there are lots of things that need to be done, such as holding wings, driving tractors, retrieving gliders, signalling, driving the winch, and so on.

This means that a flying day is never boring, but it does also mean that you can't expect to just turn up, fly, and go home, because the Club doesn't work that way (some other clubs do, and this tends to be reflected in their costs).

We fly seven days a week during the summer season from May to September, weekends and Thursdays during the rest of the year.

Aeronautical SportsThe Choices (links in blue)
Bidford Gliding Centre
Honeybourne Road, Bidford on Avon - Tel: 01789 772606
Heart of England Hot Air Balloons
Cross Lans Fram, Haselor, Warwick - Tel: 01789 488219
Heli Air Limited
Wellesbourne Airfield, Wellesbourne - Tel: 01789 470476
Stratford-upon-Avon Gliding Club
Snitterfield Airfield, Snitterfield Rd, Bearley - Tel: 01789 731095
Take Flight
Wellesbourne Airfield, Loxley Road, - Tel: 01789 470424
Wellesbourne Aviation Limited
Airfield Estate, Loxley Road, Wellesebourne - Tel: 01789 841066
Avon Flying School
Airfield estate, Loxley Road, Wellesbourne - Tel: 01789 470727
Learn to fly and enjoy flying
Avon Microlite
Long Marston Airfields, Lower Quinton - Tel: 01789 261811
Microlighting for all.